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Shark Cartilage - Joint Support

Pain free in 2 weeks!
After suffering for years, this is exactly what happened to me. I spent $2,000 on pills, chiropractors, acupuncture, magnetic devices and physiotherapy.
No relief until I took shark cartilage capsules for 2 weeks and all pain was gone. Nick A. Jerch, Burlington, ON
(Président de Bell Lifestyle Products Inc.)

100 capsules
Firm'N GRO
Each capsules contains: Shark Cartilage....750mg
  • If you are pregnant, nursing, recovering from surgery, have a heart or circulatory condition, do not take shark cartilage without the supervision of a health professional that knows something about natural remedies.
Mountain Sky
  • Take 12 capsules per day until 3 bottles are finished.
  • Preferably 4 capsules with meals with a glass of water.
  • Heavy persons should take more.
  • Must be taken regularly.
  • Once desired relief is achieved, experiment with a minimum of 4 and increase to 6 per day as needed to maintain relief.
  • There is generally an invrease in relief in the long term.
  • Past experience shows that pain may come back without a small maintenance quantity.


Pain free in 3 weeks with Bell shark cartilage.

  • I can dance again and play ball with my grandson. I was expecting to be in a wheelchair soon as I could not walk anymore. Medication did not help much. Life is wonderful again. I am not tired or cranky because of constant pain anymore. There are not enough words to describe my feelings.

Sophie Carson, Timmins, ON

Lots of letters saying...

  • I can move my fingers again and do my housework.

  • I can sleep pain free for the first time in 15 years.

  • Can lift my arms again.

  • Rheumatoid pain in my joints is down 90%.

  • I can climb stairs without hanging on to the railing.

  • I can walk now for hours

True stories like you have never heard in all your life!

  • This little website will make you aware of what other people who tried our shark cartilage have to say. Some of these letters are very moving. They tell you about the depth of despair people go through because they suffer excruciating pains day after day. There is no need for me to specifically give you advice or make claims. You can draw your own conclusions and advice from these true experiences. Nobody can be more honest than people who suffer real pain on an ongoing basis for many months or many years. Perhaps you will recognize your own path of suffering and this will give you the courage to try it.

Mission to help other people

  • As a result of my own suffering with arthritis pain for years, I feel a deep commitment and satisfaction to be able to help others to have less pain or no pain. Single handedly I have helped THOUSANDS of people. They are off medicare, saving us millions of dallars in taxes yearly. They write us that they suffered 10, 20, 30, 40 even 50 years without getting relief. Many are completely pain free, others have 80 or 90% less pains. Some have relief in 2 weeks. Others in 4 to 6 weeks. Nobody can tabulate the suffering these people would still have to endure on a daily basis without Bell shark cartilage and the pepper cream.

More important than money is the fact that I restored the QUALITY OF LIFE to over 30,000...

  • A survey in USA says that a chronic patient costs US$6,032.00 a year. If you take a low figure of 5000 people that don't have to see their doctor or specialists anymore for their arthritis and use a low amount of $500.00 (actual figure can be 10 times higher if you include surgeries) there is a saving of $2,500,000.00 to taxpayers every year. More important than money is the fact that I restored the QUALITY OF LIFE to over 30,000 (increasing daily) all over North America so far and millions more can be helped by showing them through word of mouth and other advertising how it may help them as well. Success rate is 98%! and those who don't get relief we refund their money. There is no other guarantee like it in all of North America.

Newspaper Article in the Hamilton Spectator - Oct. 30, l998Baby boomers enter the age of arthritis. Calls arthritis the sleeping giant. The sad part is: Doctors send people home to live with arthritis. They not only have to live with arthritis, they also have stomach nausea, anemia and digestive problems caused by the medications they get. Chronic pain is "soul-eroding". It is hard to socialize or lead a normal working life when you are in constant pain. It can really affect a person's quality of life.Add to this from a recent book by a famous US medical doctor: NSAID pain killers commonly prescribed by all doctors cause the destruction of the cartilage you have left, the book says, and he recommends nutritional supplements. With a more natural approach , you can shut down the inflammatory process and rebuild cartilage, thereby heading toward improving the underlying problem, rather than covering it up. A further newspaper article says arthritic joint pain is one of the main causes of insomnia today. New drugs out - April 16, 1999.Here is an actual clipping from our local paper:"But serious gastro-intestinal bleeding can occur with this new drug without warning symptoms and stomach upset is a side-effect', said Dr. William Benson, a McMaster University rheumatologist."April 20, 1999:Ten deaths caused by the same new drug have been reported today by the same local media, as well as cases of gastrointestinal bleeding. There are 20,000 deaths caused by arthritis drugs yearly and many more thousands are hospitalized because of these drugs. Source: Medical Newsletter, Dr. Jullian Whittaker, MD, Newport Beach, CA.Did you know...

  • 77% of people would prefer natural treatments rather than prescription drugs.

  • 59% would change doctors if they could find one who utilizes natural therapies.

  • Prevention gets little notice in two of the US most noted medical journals.

  • Only 6% of articles published in these journals focused on primary prevention.

  • Only 1 % dealt with diet, exercise and other health promoting behaviors.

Source: Medical newsletter from Julian Whitaker, M.D., Newport Beach, CA

Testimonials - with full names and towns

Important: Read all testimonials!!!Most people are skeptical, until they read all the true experiences of other people. The right frame of mind is important in everything. It gives you the determination to keep on taking it until you have relief. If you need reassurance, read it again in a week or two to stay on course. There is no scale that shows how close you are to relief. It can be a few days or a number of weeks. The realization of relief comes fairly suddenly, like you are going around the bend of a road and there it is. All our information comes from testimonials in this newsletter and the hundreds more we have in our files.I’m free of arthritis pain at last!After suffering for 14 years Bell Shark Cartilage helped me quickly. I’m now enthusiastically promoting your product to help others. My brother bought expensive mineral water baths from France that did not help. There is no doubt in my mind that I can help him quickly for for comparatively little money.

Ewa M. Kuczewski, 68, Mississauga, ON

Hip and leg arthritis pain under control!I took a lot of pain killing drugs to keep on going. I read about Bell Shark Cartilage on the flyer that came with the Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea, which I am taking daily giving complete relief. After taking Bell Shark Cartilage for 2 months I could gradually reduce the daily number of capsules gradually to 6 a days. I can walk now for miles as my daily exercise. I’m using also Bell Pepper Cream.

Paul F. Visscher, 86, Calgary, AB

95% arthritis pain gone10 years ago I started to feel arthritis pain in my elbows and 5 years ago it also started in my knees. Within 3 weeks after taking Bell Shark Cartilage almost all pain is gone (95%).

Adeline Wills, 55, Edmonton, AB

Complete arthritis pain relief!I’m using Bell Shark Cartilage and Bell Roll-On Pepper Cream and had complete relief. These products are a real miracle. After suffering arthritis pain for years, I’m amazed how well they worked. I tried everything else available and nothing worked for me. I was impressed with the money-back guarantee and I’m so glad I tried them both.

Frank Morelli, 80, Westbury, NY

Can walk normally again!I was skeptical, because I took glucosamine, recommended by the doctor, for some time as well as other remedies with no results. I was impressed by the money-back guarantee. After taking Bell Shark Cartilage my arthritis in my knees disappeared 98% and I can walk normally again. Thank you for this wonderful remedy. I’m telling all my friends.

Noel Pruneau, 87, St-Augustin, QC

Drove 50 miles for it!I have been suffering with osteoarthritis for 10 years and no drugs or remedies were of any real help. I saw your advertisement that said you are guaranteeing relief or money is refunded. I thought this must be good, because nobody gave my money back so far. I drove 50 miles one way, 100 miles round trip, to get your Bell Shark Cartilage. The store had only 1 bottle left. It started to give relief within days. After the bottle was finished I thought I don’t need it anymore. The pain came back. I got 2 bottles by driving again 100 miles round trip. A small price to pay for real pain relief. I’ll never run out again.

Wanda E. Smith, 71, Sanderson, FL

Your ads are 100% true!I could’ve saved myself years of arthritis pain, if I had believed your ads the first time I saw them. All medical clinics could offer was surgery or cortisone shots that would help only for a while. It took 4 bottles of Bell Shark Cartilage to start working. It’s like a miracle. I’m totally pain free now and go daily on my horseback rides which I love. Now I can believe each and every one of your testimonials.

Lynn McKinney, 50, Edmonton, AB

Arthtitis arthroscopy cancelled!Bell Shark Cartilage is a wonderful product that truly does what it claims. I’m a registered nurse working 12 hour shifts and my arthritis was making life and work a torture. Arthritis pain was increasing for the last 9 years and anti-inflammatory drugs had side effects that added to the pain I was already enduring. I also tried glucosmine, which I thought gave a little relief, however, nothing compared to your shark cartilage. A week before I was scheduled for surgery I saw your advertisement in the local paper. I was very skeptical, but nevertheless thought, if the advertisement is true, I owe it to myself to try it. In a few days I was starting to feel some pain relief and less stiffness in my knees. I’m on my 3rd bottle now and most of the pain is gone. This is an awesome product. I told all my family, friends and patients. I’m relieved and grateful.

Julie Tolby, 51, Covina, CA

Note: To avoid false expectations, we should say only a few get relief in a day or a few days. Almost all are starting to have relief only after 2-3 weeks taking 4 capsules 3 times a day, until they have some relief and then can go on a maintenance dose of about 4 capsules a day.I did something really dumb!I suffered since the age of 10 for 54 years. I could not sleep and was groggy all the time. Could not do my housework. I couldn’t drive my car anymore. I’ve tried all drugs. Bell Shark Cartilage is the first medicine that helped me after taking 2 bottles. I was overjoyed. Then I did something very stupid. I bought another cheaper brand of shark cartilage and the pain came back. So I went back to Bell Shark Cartilage and threw away the other stuff. I also use your Roll-On Pepper Cream. It changed my life.

Irene Millette, 64, Gatineau, QC

Better than drugs and cortisone shots!For 7 years I had excruciating pain in my fingers and neck. I had also severe tendonitis in my shoulders. I tried all prescription drugs and cortisone shots for years with lots of side effects. Bell Shark Cartilage has helped and pain is a lot less. I’ve been taking it for 6 weeks. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Donna Dumas, 49, Hacienda Hts., CA

Bell Shark Cartilage worked like a miracle!I started using your Bell Shark Cartilage 9 months ago when I had a lot of arthritis pain in my knees and it worked like a miracle. I was suffering for 5 years. I’m still using a small dose for maintenance every day, as I don’t want to have that painful experience again. Thanks a lot!

Preety Shandal, 48, Kanata, ON

Spent over $2000 and no relief!For over 20 years I spent over $2000 on specialists, massages, exercise equipment, you name it, and many drugs. None of this made any difference. I finally had wonderful relief in 3 weeks and told all my family and friends. Thank God for inspiring you. I’m also taking your Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea. Wonderful products that helped me a great deal. I’m very grateful to you.

Serrano Cox, 64, Orlando, FL

47 years of arthritis pain alleviated!After multiple fractures 47 years ago I suffered with arthritis pain. Doctor prescribed drugs and finally glucosamine. None of them gave really relief. After taking Bell Shark Cartilage my pain disappeared completely. My joints are smooth again. I can even walk briskly, use the bicycle and work in the garden again.

Pierre Bernier, 71, Quebec, QC

In 1-1/2 weeks arthritis pain was gone!My knee pain was gone in 1-1/2 weeks with Bell Shark Cartilage. Also the swelling in my ankles is gone. I started my sister on it and she got relief in a week. Glory to God.

Laura N. Martin, 65, Ephrata, PA

Prostate Tea and Bell Shark Cartilage make life good again!My urologist prescribed every drug to reduce my trips to the bathroom and none, and I mean none, ever did work well. Your tea did! Thank you. This gave me confidence in Bell Products. I’m on my second bottle of Bell Shark Cartilage and noticed already considerable relief from arthritis pain. I told my doctors about these products and only get a stare and no comments.

Arnold R. Graham, 77, Lompoc, CA

95% pain free in back, fingers, feet!I just finished my 3rd bottle of Bell Shark Cartilage. I’ll continue using this amazing product. I’m now taking 3 capsules a day forever. I told a lot of friends about your products. I’m now getting a box of Bell Prostate Tea.

Wm. Ronald Clark, 62, Kingston, ON

Crew on fishing trawler are taking Bell Shark Cartilage!My son is working on a fishing trawler. He says a number of the crew had arthritic pain in their joints and he told them how well Bell Shark Cartilage helped his mom. He got them all to take Bell Shark Cartilage. I told my son they should make sure it’s Bell Shark Cartilage, because I tried other brands and they did not work for me. I’m on a maintenance dose of 2-3 a day – more if needed - and I’ll take it for the rest of my life, because you can’t put a price on living pain free.

Barbara A. Furhovde, 74, Lunenburg, NS

Bell saved my job 8 years ago!I work as a janitor for large mining company. My hands and knees were so sore with arthritis pain that I could not wring the water out of the rag, go up and down stairs or even wash my own face. All the prescription drugs were of little help. This is when I was introduced to Bell Shark Cartilage 8 years ago. It saved my job and gave me back my quality of life. I have 100% use of my knees and hands. I can even knit again! Greatest gift I ever received in my life.

Randalene Lindsay, 55, Channing, MB

First time in 3 years pain free!An athletic lifestyle and a ski accident to both knees gave me excruciating arthritis pain day and night. I tried many drugs and remedies. But after taking your Bell Shark Cartilage for only 5 days I was pain free for the first time in 3 years. Now 4 years later I’m still pain free. I’m on the suggested maintenance program of 2 capsules a day. I love what you have done for me.

Ed Klemm, 62, Winnipeg, MB

Note: Some people write they had pain relief in 1 day or a few days. We normally don’t print these testimonials, because they give a non-typical expectation. Most people get relief in 2-3 weeks after taking 3 bottles.

Glucosamine with Chondroitin didn’t work! I’ve spent $300.00 on glucosamine with chondroitin, MSM, other products and acupuncture. No relief at all – until I took Bell Shark Cartilage for 4 weeks and the pain went away completely. I’ve been recommending it to friends. I will also send some to my family back home. I’ve also started Bell Shark Liver Oil to help to prevent colds & flus and feel much better all over. It’s really an amazing product. I feel Bell products have improved my quality of life.

Leoncia T. Falcasantos, 66, Cote Saint-Luc, QC

Pain and swelling of knee gone! Every week for years I’ve been going to the doctor for arthritis pills, but none would help. I heard about Bell Shark Cartilage pills, so I took 6 bottles of these pills and I’m so relieved to have no more pain. There were days when I couldn’t walk. My knees would get so big that I would have to get them drained. I have not gone to the doctor for a long time now.

N. F. Ensminger, 74, Innisfail, AB

Dr. said it’s bone on bone and knee replacement is the “only way”!After taking Bell Shark Cartilage a lot of the pain was gone soon and after 2 months I was pain free in my knee as well as in my wrist and hand. I am thankful to have my life back again. I can now walk without a crutch or a cane.

Leslie Prophet, 77, Keswick, ON

Bell Shark Cartilage instead of back surgery! I suffered for 20 years with sciatica arthritis. Believe me I tried every prescription pain medication, chiropractor and every therapy going with little help. Finally surgery was suggested, which I really didn’t want. After I saw your ad I started to take your shark cartilage about six months ago. I’m walking pain free now and enjoy life again.

Isabel Squires, 77, Hillcrest Mines, AB

Saved trucker’s job!I’ve been driving a truck for a living since 1990. In the last couple of years I could not sit in the truck without hip pain and I was considering to quit my job. I’m grateful to the man who gave me the good advice to try Bell Shark Cartilage, as it helped him. It helped me as well quickly and reduced the pain where I can enjoy my work again.

Henry S. Krahn, 60, La Crete, AB

Neighbor and 5 friends on Bell Shark Cartilage! I had a bad hip and had trouble walking. Since taking your Bell Shark Cartilage everything is wonderful! I took 10 bottles until I had substantial pain relief and now I’m on 6 capsules per day for maintenance. I’ve been spreading the news. My husband, my neighbor and 5 friends are on it now and most say pain is all gone. Only people who had arthritis pain know how wonderful this is. I’ll take it for the rest of my life. Miraculous stuff! We also use the Bell roll-on pepper cream.

Lillian Day, 67, Vawkleek Hill, ON

Bell Shark Cartilage much better than glucosamine!Your shark cartilage and your pepper cream made my life 90% pain free. The constant clicking in my knees has virtually disappeared. I’ve been on various drugs that were not nearly as effective. I was also for 5 years on glucosamine with unsatisfactory results. I’m grateful to have seen your ad.

Marilyn Stewart, 59, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

I love Bell products!Arthritis in my right knee was so bad I couldn’t walk more than a few steps without severe pain. I had to quit work. My doctor put me on drugs and glucosamine. I also tried other products. Nothing worked. I saw your ad in the CARP magazine and bought 3 bottles of Bell Shark Cartilage. After 2 weeks my knee started to feel better. I still have a little bit of pain, but it’s 100% better now and I can live with it and enjoy life again. I’m using also your pepper cream. I’ve told quite a number of people about your products. My son is using your Carpal Tunnel capsules with good results. I’ve now also bought your slimming patches. Thank you so much for your products. I love them.

Patricia Demmon, 57, Westbank, BC

I thank God for Bell Shark Cartilage! A friend told me that the only brand that works is Bell. I was reluctant to try it, because I tried other shark cartilage and it did not do me any good. I was absolutely amazed in 3 days I already started to feel a difference. After the 3rd bottle I was 100% better. I gave some to a friend I knew was suffering terribly. I myself suffered for 15 years day and night. I thank God for having led me to you. Continue your good work to help people.

Lynn Lemieux, 63, LíAnge-Guardien, QC

80% of arthritis pain gone!I’ve suffered with lupus and arthritis for over 12 years. The doctor told me that I need 2 knee replacements. Since taking Bell Shark Cartilage 80% of the pain was gone in a short time and I expect further improvements. Hopefully I will not need the knee replacements. I’m going to buy my father-in-law the Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea as he tried everything and nothing worked for him.

William Thomas, 58, Vancouver, BC

Sciatica and back pain relief!I tried other products for my sciatica to no effect. After the 3rd bottle of Bell Shark cartilage I noticeable relief from back pain and after the 4th bottle pain is gone completely. I’m now pain free and need only a maintenance dose of a few capsules a day.

Ben Bajri, 66, Barrie, ON

Bell Shark Cartilage and Bell Pepper Cream are miracle products!I would no be without them. They changed my life. They have done wonders to my left shoulder and neck area. Without these products I would be in constant pain and could not do my work. I bought a number of roll-on pepper creams for family and friends and they use them all the time. Thanks from all of us.

Peggy Grant, 50, Burks Falls, ON

Almost pain free!I had my right knee replaced 3 years ago. However, I still had a lot of pain on both sides of my right knee. I was told my left knee also needs replacement. However, I started to use Bell Shark Cartilage and I’m now almost completely pain free. I would encourage anyone to take it.

Anne C. Wagner, 81, Golden Lake, ON

Arthritis pain was a monster, 90% pain free now!Arthritis wore me down through many years of suffering. I didn’t want to live anymore. Some days I could only stagger to the bathroom by holding on to furniture. I tried many drugs my doctor prescribed as well as remedies. Two weeks after starting Bell Shark Cartilage I noticed a 30% improvement and now I’ve no more severe pain. When we have wet weather I may get pain in my neck and use Bell Roll-On Pepper Cream that helps within 15 minutes. It’s wonderful to be 90% pain free.

Ruby Bower, Sherburne, NS

Around the world people get reliefDr. Jennifer Eze-Boulhassane M.D., Nigeria, wrote that her uncle in Canada had relief with Bell Shark Cartilage and sent some bottles to her mother in Nigeria. Her mother also had complete arthritis pain relief and it gave here a “new lease on life”. NSAIDS she was taking did not help and caused serious side effects. Many men and women in North America are buying Bell products in the stores and are sending them to their relatives in their old country. We’ve heard from many people in Europe, Africa, India, Korea and from virtually everywhere in the world. An importer from Israel visited us saying his relatives had great relief and he wants to import it.