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Constipation Tea in Capsules
Bell #28
  • All natural ingredients
  • Eliminates stool regularly without the side effects of harsh laxatives
  • Relaxes stomach and colon system nerves and helps to prevent acid reflux
60 capsules
  • Turkey rhubarb extract (root),
  • buckhorn extract (bark), 
  • chickweed powder (whole herb), 
  • uva-ursi extract (leaf), 
  • barberry extract (bark).


Up to 30%

Firm'N GRO
  • Take 2 capsules before bed time with a glass of water. For accute constipation sypmtons increase number of capsules
Bell Constipation Relief Tea in Capsules is an excellent natural mild laxative without any side effects. It lubricates the intestines and relaxes the stomach nervous system. This allows for the easy relief of flatulence out of the colon system. At the same time, it fights intestinal infection, eliminates worms, and deals with inflammation in the entire digestive system. In effect, it keeps stool soft, enhances gall bladder, and promotes healing of duodenal ulcers.
I had problems with constipation for 20 years. Bran, prunes and laxatives were not satisfactory anymore. I Took Bell Constipation Tea in Capsules #28 for 1 week before it began to work daily with 1-2 soft bowel movements. I am now also using other Bell products.

Maureen Vanarnhem, 59, Lions Head, ON, mosie51@yahoo.ca

Mountain Sky
Last 3 years I had constipation problems. Within a week after taking Bell Constipation Tea in capsules #28 I had the natural regularity I wanted. Other products gave me diarrhea.

Jason H. Kilburn, 35, Lebanon, OH, b2noah2003@yahoo.com

I have had constipation problems for 2 years and tried many things. Bell Constipation Capsules #28 worked better than anything else that I have taken.

Beatrice Emery, 79, Oklahoma City, OK, Phone (405) 427-5253 or 921-6604

I had constipation problems for 14 years. I have tried many products. Even Senna teas caused extreme pain in my lower abdomen. Bell Constipation Tea in capsules #28 is gentle on my digestive tract and bowels. It absolutely works. This tea is a miracle relief.

Margaret Murdock, 61, Lewisville, OH, pegbray@yahoo.com