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Option Biotech
PMS Support Combo
Bell #34
  • Helps to reduce associated symptoms of premenstrual syndrome such as mood swings, nervous tensions, anxiety, irritability,fatigue, and more
  • Promotes healthy menstruation, soothing diuretic
60 capsules


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Firm'N GRO
1 - 2 capsules per day.

Bell PMS Combo has been formulated to help relieve premenstrual symptoms in women and can also be used as a sleep aid in cases of restlessness or insomnia due to mental stress. PMS Combo features chasteberry extract, Jamaican dogwood extract, yeast extract, anise extract, passionflower extract, vitamin B6, damiana extract, red raspberry extract, wild yam extract, and cramp bark extract. Here is some background on three of the ingredients included in the formula:

Chasteberry extract:
Chasteberry, also called vitex agnus castus is the fruit of the chaste tree. This herb is also known as “the women’s herb” and is native to the Mediterranean region. For many years chasteberry has been used successfully to relieve PMS symptoms as well as to support menstrual irregularities. Chasteberry has also been used historically for its anti-parasitic properties.

Vitamin B6:
In the Bell PMS Combo, there is 50 mg of Vitamin B6 per capsule. The form of vitamin B6 that we use is pyridoxine hydrochloride. Studies show that women that supplement with vitamin B6 have relief from some premenstrual symptoms such as bloating, breast discomfort and acne.

Damiana extract:
Damiana, also known as turnera diffusa, is a shrub native to the Americas. This is an extraordinary herb with the natural power to support the urinary tract and the sexual system. The leaf is the part of the plant typically used in supplements. This herb is also beneficial for boosting mental and physical stamina.
Mountain Sky
For 12-13 years I suffered with PMS so badly I couldn’t work out and felt horrible all the time. After 2 weeks taking Bell PMS Combo #34 I had my next period and couldn’t believe I had almost no discomfort. I waited for 2 more months before sending this testimonial hoping it would keep on doing so well. It did! It still works. I barely now get PMS discomforts except maybe cravings for chocolate or fries the day before. The sadness is gone and I can exercise every week.

Minosky Perez, 34, Bronx, NY, Phone (718) 708-6583

For the last 10 years I had suffered from PMS cramps and headaches, sometimes so badly I would have to take time off work for 2 days and stay in bed. I’m so glad I tried Bell’s PMS Combo and I have been using it for 2 months now. Amazing! No more cramps, no more headaches. I used Advil and Midal before. Bell is so much better, because it is all natural.

Tina Brant, 48, Desoronto, ON

In the last 10 years two weeks prior to the onset of my cycle I was very tense and easily upset. After taking Bell PMS #34 my husband noticed that I am more relaxed and didn’t get upset with him. It is such a relief to me to have something that makes me feel more like myself all the time. Thank you for caring about others with a natural product without causing any harmful side effects.

Molli Larson, 28, Rochester, MN