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Virux  Viral Infections
For viral infections and other diseases

Recommended by Dr. Hammoud....

  • For viral infections, sexually transmitted diseases, herpes, cold sores and influenza.

  • It is all plant African base.

  • That has the ability to inhibit virus replication in our bodies.

  • By shutting the replication down, the virus becomes inactive and therefore is not causing the body further harm.

  • Great news for the HIV.

  • 90% Success rate

BELL #42

60 capsules


Up to 30%

Firm'N GRO
  • Take 3 - 4 capsules per day as required.
  • Prunela Vulgaris (Stand. for PUP-E active compond)
  • Lomatium
  • L-Lysine
  • Astragulas extract
  • Red Marine Algae (incl. 3 species: Skottsbergii, Tenella and Stellata)
  • No side effects known.
  • If you become allergic to one of the ingredients, discontinue use.
  • Optimizes a healthy immune system
  • Celebrated wellness herbs and botanical compounds
  • Scientifically-tested amino acids and polysaccharides
Are you concerned that your immune system isn't working at its optimal level? Your body is perpetually fighting outside elements to maintain peak wellness, so why not give it some natural nutritional support? Virux is designed to help as it consists of time-honored herbs and renowned natural compounds that encourage a healthy, balanced immune system response.

In this technology-obsessed modern world, it's easy to forget that a wide array of wellness support has always been with us in the form of nature's many gifts. Various plants and foods, ranging everywhere from the forest to the ocean, provide endless ways to encourage our health. When it comes to supporting immune performance, there are certain compounds that stand above the rest -- and they are prominently featured in V-Immune such as Prunella vugaris, Lomatium, Lysine, and much more!
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