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BELL #4a
120 g
  • Makes peeing comfortable
  • Eliminates embarrassing dribbling and painful urination
  • Cuts down urinary frequency allowing for restful nights
  • Tastes delicious iced or hot – something you'll look forward to as part of your morning routine
  • Comes in an easy-brew tea. Bulk packaged to save you money
  • No side effects


Up to 30%

INGREDIENTS: Chamomile, cinnamon twigs, cranberry, damiana, willow flower, ginseng, lavender, lemon, red peony, saw palmetto, stinging nettle, water plantain.
Firm'N GRO

 1 boxe = 48 The spoons = 24 cups/8 oz

USAGE: We recommend drinking at least two large cups a day until you have some relief. Later 1 cup per day will be sufficient for maintenance after you have relief. Best taken on an empty stomach.Why do men over 40 go to the bathroom more frequently?

By Nick A. Jerch

Believe it or not, from personal contact I know that many men never figured out why they have to go more frequently to the bathroom. If this article makes them aware that it is the unsuspected prostate that causes all the grief, they are in a much better position to deal with it and find relief.

Some feel it is such a "private" matter and they are too embarrassed to talk about it. They suffer in silence.

In the beginning, having to urinate more frequently may be a mild nuisance. They don't worry about it and do nothing about it. However, they should do something, before it gets worse. Some feel it is such a "private" matter and they are too embarrassed to talk about it. They suffer in silence.Unfortunately this is a "growing problem". The prostate enlarges as men get older. It may be a nuisance for men in their forties. In their fifties over 60% are affected and it becomes a real problem. The swollen prostate strangles the urethra and makes urinating difficult. The bladder empties only partially regardless how hard they try and a short while later they have a strong urge to go to the bathroom again. They press their bladder muscles hard and urine may come only in a thin stream or in drops. By the time they are in their sixties 90% will be affected and they are now really suffering.

Some may be afraid the doctor will prescribe drugs that may cause side effects and frequently they do.

They may pretend everything is all right, because they do not know how to deal with it. They may not even tell their doctor. Some may be afraid the doctor will prescribe drugs that may cause side effects and frequently they do. There is a large variety of non-prescription pills available that may help a little. However, they do not stop the growth of the prostate and they will have to face the consequences sooner or later.

After experimenting for a while I found a mixture of 14 different teas.

Why do I know all this? I lived through it! I tried everything including prescription drugs. As people get older they look at ALTERNATIVES and prevention becomes a big issue. This is why health food stores have become so popular in the last ten years and most pharmacies have a large alternative medicine section. I searched for a solution and I never gave up. I heard from different sources including a religious order that teas can work better for a prostate than pills.

After experimenting for a while I found a mixture of 14 different teas. Different proportions of each ingredient brought the longed for relief in 3 days. Friends, who were getting up many times during the night to go to the bathroom every night, tried it too and they were helped just as quickly. (One in 4 days, another in 5 days, and another one started to sleep through the night without getting up after only 9 days.) They were all delighted. Sleep interruptions can be a big problem, because you may not be able to fall asleep again. You are tired the next day and have a problem doing a full day's work. As a bonus, everybody says the tea has a pleasing aroma and tastes good. It is now sold as Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea.

If you want to have greater details about the prostate you can find it in medical books. Here is some information that you should know: In their reports, Dr. Jeffrey Greiff, M.D., and Dr. David Blyweiss M.D. write that 35% of prostate surgeries result in problems. 8% are re-hospitalized; 5% become impotent; 20% must have surgery repeated; 2% die; many are forced to wear "adult diapers" for the rest of their lives. The figures show that they know what they are talking about.

The tea brings another major benefit that is extremely important to all men. The swollen prostate not only strangles the urethra and urine flow, it also reduces blood flow to the penis. Without free and spontaneous blood flow, good erections are virtually impossible. The tea may also solve erection problems and restore a man's virility and self esteem. All doctors tell us today that a healthy sexual life style is important for our mental and physical well-being. There are no side effects known. It's safe and gives quick, effective relief.


Had prostate operation 2 years ago. I’m still suffering from side effects. Tea is an amazing product. Very effective. Easy and pleasant to take. I sleep through the night. Urine stream is strong again. Easy Flow Tea 100% better than medication. No comparison. Happy to use your tea. Thank you. ..Fred Gaiser, Etobicoke, ON

Had to get up evey hour at night! Now I get up 1-2 times. Urine flow is close to normal again. Sex is as good as many years ago. Past 3-4 years spent $86.00 a month for drugs with little relief. Now I spend $20.00 for Bell Prostate Tea with 90% relief. What a bargain....Joseph Whittaker, Sewell, NJ

Doctor said to keep on taking the tea! Was on prostate drugs that did not help. After 3 weeks drinking Ezee Flow Tea I had 100% release from the pressure and now I feel real good thanks to the tea. ...Leonard Pearcey, Wassis, NB

Biggest change in my life a full night's sleep! Had relief in 4 days. Wake up refreshed. Before had to get up many times. Had no sex for 2 years. Now I'm back to my old self again and my wife loves it. Thank you for a great product. The tea is better than the many things I tried including drugs....Edward Powers, Port Orange, FL

God bless you! 100% relief! For years was frustrated with painful burning when urinating, suddenly having to rush to the bathroom, getting up many times during the night. After drinking Bell Prostate Tea for 2 weeks I have 100% relief. God bless you for this help. I can’t thank you enough....Raymond Selmes, Vancouver, BC

Unbelievable how well Ezee Flow Tea works! Much better than all the drugs I took. I recommend it to all others that suffer like I did. Had to get up 6-8 times during night. Now I sleep through the night. Will never miss my cup of tea. ...Daniel F. Thompson, Hayden, ID

After 2 days more relaxed flow - after 2 weeks 90% relief! I was skeptic. After 2 days drinking Ezee Flow Tea had more relaxed flow and bathroom trips were reduced to half. Much better erections. God bless you....Miroslav Hegenberger, Burlington, ON

Ezee Flow Tea is a blessing! I was skeptic. Have tried many products and drugs with hardly any relief. Had to get up about 7 times a night. Now after 2 weeks only 2 times. Burning and dribbling has subsided drastically. You will be able to help many mature men with your wonderful product. ...Sal Vascellaro, Brooklyn, NY

Urologist gave 3 options: Prostate cancer surgery, radiation or wait & see. I preferred wait & see and started with Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea. Within days it cleared up all burning, pain, dribbling and frequency. PSA went down from 7.4 to 6.5 then to 6.2. More to come. Form your own opinion. I'm elated. Urologist is surprised and said it's unbelievable. Has never seen it happening before. Examined prostate. It is smaller and smooth. ...Norm Minor, Stayner, ON

Ezee Flow Tea changed my life! The tea was of extreme help to me. It changed my life. I recommend it to all men, which have like me, this misery with urinating. I noticed an improvement in the first days. It does so much good to me. After 1 month I had 100% relief! I will continue to drink it. Thank you....J. Marc Larrive, Matane, QC

Was amazed to see a difference in 4 days. Now I can sleep all night. No more getting up. Feel rested next day. Tea tastes good....Jim Moody, Mississauga, ON

99% relief! Very happy! I'm very happy with the results from drinking Ezee Flow Tea. Started to see a change after 2-1/2 weeks. After 4 weeks 99% relief. Spent a lot of money on drugs like Flomax, which did not help much. ...Alcide Gagnon, Verver, ON

80% improvement in 3 weeks! I had to sit on the toilet for half an hour to squeeze out enough urine drops to feel relief. My sex life was a nightmare. Now it's 80% better both ways. Thank you very much....Armand Trottier, Warren, ON

Was getting up 8 times a night! After only a short time of 2 weeks drinking the Ezee Flow Tea I can finally sleep without interruption most nights. A very pleased customer. ...D. Lipton, Hamilton, ON

Very happy! Sleep better! Feel Good! I used to get up 2-3 times a night. Now I sleep through most nights. Drank Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea for 60 days. Will keep on drinking it....Pritpal Shahi, Ladysmith, BC

Got up 10 times a night. Tried many pills. Endured surgury with little relief and horrible side effects. This tea is great and tastes pleasant. The most successful attempt to date in bringing me relief. Thank you. ...Tom Deagle, Thunder Bay, ON

From 5-6 times down to 1-2 times a night in 2 weeks! Great relief with a natural product instead of pills. It is this kind of preventative for good health that we all want. ...William L. Coughlin, Thunder Bay, ON

Dribbling stopped & burning is gone. I had brachytherapy for prostate cancer. Past 6 months I have been increasingly troubled by dribbling, frequency, burning and poor flow. All gone after drinking the Ezee Flow Tea for 2 weeks. I'm sleeping through most nights. Will tell the doctors at Sunnybrook Hospital. Flomax and ApoFlox did not work....W. Dolighan, Brampton, ON

What a relief from a constant health problem! Can go out and do things without having to look frequently for a bathroom. I'm a diabetic on insulin. Ezee Flow Tea did not interfere. The swollen prostate caused urine to dribble very slowly with a burning sensation. It was very painful. I'm very pleased with the tea and highly recommend it. I feel so much better (80%). Drank it for 6 weeks and will drink some every day for maintenance and further improvement. ...P. Dykstra, Oakville, ON

Bathroom every half hour! Almost died, rushing to the bathroom every half hour, terrible! After 4 weeksI had 100% relief. My life is back to normal. I'm very happy. Will drink a cup a day for maintenance. ...James H. McEwen, McKellar, ON

Diabetic & high blood pressure Had to be close to a bathroom wherever I went. Last 2 years were the worst. After 5 weeks drinking the Bell Prostate Tea I can last as long as 5 hours. No problem with medications.Great relief....John H. Rowan, Hamilton, ON

Great sex life again! 100% relief in 10 weeks. Had to get up 6 times a night. Now can last 5-8 hours. Prostate caused erection problems. Now all I need to see is a garter belt on the clothes line and I'm ready. Everything is absolutely fantastic....Frank Malloy, Toronto, ON

Prostate Tea is the best gift in my life! Had to get up 7-10 times every night with painful rushing and burning. Now 1 time or not at all with virtually no discomfort. I’m so happy with this tea. I’ve not enough words to tell you how good I feel. My interest in sex life came back. For me this tea is better than Viagra. Thank you very much for the best gift in all my life. ...Alexandr Malokhatko, Toronto, ON

Can’t begin to tell you how great it feels! I had to get up at least half a dozen times through the night before using Ezee Flow Tea. I’m in my 3rd week and the last few days I’ve only had to get up once each night. I can’t begin to tell you how great it feels to have nights of almost unbroken sleep and days with no pressure from the prostate. ...Edward Jesso, Stephenville, NF

I like the taste of the Ezee Flow Tea! Felt relief already after 5 days. After 4 weeks urine flow is almost normal. Endured this prostate trouble for 2 years. Had to get up 4-5 times now it’s down to 1-2 times and improving. ...B. Magdeburg, Lethbridge, AB

Wow! This tea really works! I was amazed to notice a 75% change quickly. The most successful remedy I’ve tried. It really does the job! ...Luther Muth, North Battleford, SK

No more frequent stops when driving! This Ezee Flow Tea really did a lot of good to me. I already have a few relatives start it too. Don’t have to get up during the night. ...Al Gagnon, Verner, ON

Can sleep now like a baby! Miraculous! I’m so happy I discovered this tea. It is really excellent. Had to get up many times each night. ...Emmanuel Deschenes, Charlesbourg, QC

Feel like a completely different man! Absolutely wonderful no to have to get up 5 or 6 times every night. Had 95% improvement in just 10 days. Tried many different pills. Was getting pretty desperate. Nothing is as good as the tea. Will drink the tea for maintenance. ...Robert Giroux, Quebec, QC

You saved me from prostate surgery! Suffered for years. Tried many things. Nothing helped. Was scheduled for surgery. After drinking the Bell Ezee Flow Tea for 8 weeks feel 80% relief. Cancelled my surgery. Thank you very much for helping me. ...Ved Pal Grover, Scarborough, ON

Two hospital “procedures” didn’t help. Another one was scheduled. After drinking the Bell Ezee Flow Tea had 80% relief in 3 weeks. Finally able to get a good night’s sleep and cancelled scheduled 3rd operation....Jim Magee, Alberta Beach, AB

Tried everything else, pills, drugs! No results until I found this Bell Ezee Flow Tea. Sleep has improved, urine flow is easy, erections are back to normal. Will keep on drinking the tea. Thank you very much. ...Frank Madden, Iroquois Falls, ON

Success in 3 days! Don’t have to get up anymore during the night. Urine color is back to normal, so are erections. Will have a cup a day for maintenance....Orland E. Thuroo, Hanna, AB

Whole family drinks Ezee Flow Tea! Although I’m under 40 I had to make frequent trips to the bathroom and suffered from bladder discomfort. When my step-son began to suffer pain in the urinary tract we went to look for a remedy. I discovered Bell Ezee Flow Tea and what a difference it made. We brew it by the gallon, add lemon, sweeten it with Stevia and drink it as iced tea every day by the whole family. We all enjoy the taste and the great health benefits. No more problems in this house! ....Jim Svendsen, Wapella, SK

I’m so happy I discovered this tea! What a change the tea has made to my life. I used to get up 5 -6 times a night. After 4 weeks drinking Ezee Flow Tea I sleep right through or get up 1-2 times. I sent a brochure to my brother-in-law so he can get the same relief. You can’t imagine how grateful I am....Frank Cooper, Sudbury, ON

Ezee Flow Prostate Tea works wonders! Went to the doctor and took drugs and antibiotics for a year without results. Then tried a number of herbal products without success. Within 2 weeks on Ezee Flow Tea had 100% relief. Unbelievable! Sleep well again. Thanks for freeing me from having to look for bathrooms when I went to town. ...Sylvester Mitrega, Nanaimo, BC

Grateful, erections are back! Prostate made voiding difficult and strenuous. No erections for years. I’m happy about this improvement. I will keep on drinking the Ezee Flow Tea. ...R. H. Knott, Nanaimo, BC

Amazing, the Ezee Flow Tea really works! Over the years got from bad to worse. Had all the symptoms getting up 8 times a night, dribbling, urgency and burning. After 2 weeks I sleep uninterupted. Going now from 2 cups to one a day. Great relief. Thanks....Nate Gotlib, Winnipeg, MB

Want to hug you for your excellent help! Tried everything else. After 4 days with the Bell Tea started to have relief and after 10 days nearly everything is fine. Can sleep 7 hours without visiting the bathroom. Will drink your tea until the end of my life. Will tell everybody. ...Heinz Peschke, Miramichi, NB

I couldn’t belief it! I’m really surprised! After suffering for years, within 4 days drinking the Bell Tea urine flow started to improve. Recommend it to all having prostate problems. ...Joe Formicuccia, Amherstburg, ON

Sexually everything is fantastic again! I’m very pleased. It’s like going back 30 years but better. I’m now able to completely empty my bladder. Saw Palmetto and Tryfonic gave just slight improvements. Bell Ezee Flow Tea gave me 100% relief in 3 weeks. A scientists approach: I divided the tea package into 4 parts. Then soaked one part in 25% alcohol mix to release all the essential oils of the herbs. After that I followed directions. I know the mix is much more potent this way. ...Hugh Magill, Ariss, ON

No more dribbling and burning! After drinking the Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea I can sleep all night. Had gradual improvements and reached 75% relief in a short time of 2 weeks. I expect it will get a lot better in the next weeks. It was frustrating to have to rush to the bathroom so often. There is no more dribbling and burning. None of the other pills including drugs worked for me....Peter Bartel, Lorette, MB

100% relief! Had 100% relief in 2 weeks. I’m of course very pleased. I’ll continue using the tea for the rest of my life. I don’t want my prostate run my life again. Spent more time in the bathroom than in the bedroom. ...Eric Willier, Enilda, AB

Will tell my doctor! After many years of trying different pills from the doctor and others, I have finally something that really works. Had relief after 5 days and it got better by the day. Drank 2 cups of Bell Prostate Tea a day. I will tell my doctor about it. I’m very happy to be rid of this unpleasant health problem. Thank you very much....Heinz G. Voigt, Kamloops, BC

Nobel Prize for you! 100% relief! After 3 days drinking the Bell Prostate Tea I started to have a better urine flow again. After 8 weeks I had 100% relief. I then ordered the constriction rings and they work very well. I think your president Nick A. Jerch should get some kind of a Nobel Prize for restoring the quality of life for so many people. Thank you for helping me and my wife. ...John Andrews, Sayward, BC

Drug from the doctor didn’t help Was diagnosed with enlarged prostate. My doctor prescribed Terazosin . I took it for 3 months and got no relief. After drinking Ezee Flow Tea for 2 weeks I had 90% relief, a strong stream again and no urinary hesitation or dribbling. ...Leonard Braz, Chatham, ON

Great stuff! Will always drink it! After 2 weeks drinking the Bell Prostate Tea started to see great changes. Fewer bathroom trips. Erections are as good as when I was younger. This tea is great stuff. I will always drink it. Thanks for your help. ...Danny Irving, New Glasgow, NS

It’s heaven to sleep through the night! For many years I had my sleep interrupted 6-7 times every night. Constant urgent trips to the bathroom during the days with great discomfort and burning. Now I have normal days and normal nights again. It’s heaven compared to the past. Years of suffering are over. Will continue to drink the tea daily for maintenance of my new life....Angus Pike, Oshawa, ON

It is heaven - years of pain gone! Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea tastes better than pop. I thank God I saw your ad in the paper. In 3 days I felt better. In 6 days had 100% relief from pain, burning, dribbling and urgency. I was in heaven. Suffered for many years. My wife says I’m a new man. Can’t believe the change. I feel like 16! Will tell all my friends and drink this tea for the rest of my life....Alex MacKinnon, Waterloo, ON

Had prostate operation I had my prostate removed and the urine flow problem still persisted. There was an improvement only after I started to drink the Bell Prostate Tea. I expect that things will get better yet over time. I recommend the tea to others that have the same problem. ...James A. Scott, Niagara Falls, ON

Miraculous prostate tea! I’m extremely happy I found this Ezee Flow Tea. Had burning and constant urgency. Was discouraged and depressed, because nothing I tried helped. Within days had 100% relief and everything was back to normal. This is really a miraculous product. A friend told me about his similar success. ...Jean-Marc Roy, Beresford, NB

My prostate made life miserable! Years of suffering, burning, dribbling, sex life was impossible, 5-7 sleep interruptions made me edgy & cranky. Doctor could not help and neither did Chinese herbs. Bell Prostate Tea erased all the problems I had and much more. Will never miss my daily cup. Thanks for a very good product. ...Timothy Chen, Richmond Hill, BC

In 5 days 99% relief! I became a true skeptic. There are so many swindlers. Now I’m laughing. Can’t believe it. Have to pinch myself to to realize it is real. I didn’t have to get up at all during the night. A true change of life. ...Wulf K. F. Schuldes, Victoria, BC

All is well since taking Bell Prostate Tea I was getting up at least four times a night. Now I get up once. I have had trouble getting an erection. Since I’ve been taking the Ezee Flow Tea all is well. ...Glenn Walters, Nanaimo, BC

Thank you a million times for this incredible prostate tea! Proscar drugs and saw palmetto pills were of no help. The Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea is the best product on the market. Had 100% relief in 4 weeks. I don’t have to get up anymore during the night. My sex life also changed completely. I’m a new man today! Thank you a million times for this incredible tea. I will drink it for as long as I live. ...Oleg Kerler, Thornhill, ON

Bell prostate tea did it for me! For a long time doctor prescribed Hytrin and Flomax drugs and still had to get up 7-8 times every night. After only 4 weeks drinking the Ezee Flow Tea I get up 1-2 times and feel fresh next day. Heartfelt thanks. ...Nate Gotlib, Winnipeg, MB

Unbelievable change in my life! Had to get up 7-8 times a night. No more erections. After one week everything changed, sleep well, burning is gone, frequent erections. Almost like a miracle. Recommend it to all. ...Francois Hebert, St. Isidore, QC

Despite prostate gland removal and 33 radiation treatments had to get up 3-4 times a night. After drinking the Ezee Flow Tea I now sleep most nights from 11PM to 5AM. I’m now drinking a cup a day for maintenance. Very pleased! ...Walter van Weerdhuizen, Drumbo, ON

Had prostate operation 2-1/2 years ago and still had to get up 3-4 times a night. Drugs prescribed by the doctor made me all very sick. With the Ezee Flow Tea I’m down to usually one time. I’m glad I found this tea....Arthur H. Mitchell, Thornhill, ON

Restored healthy sex life! Had to get up many times. Now down to 1-2 times a night. Much to both my mate’s and my pleasure began to experience stronger and longer lasting erections. Thank you Ezee Flow Tea. ...John Boyle, Delta, BC

I wouldn’t want to be without the tea! The many bathroom trips night and day were getting me down. Tea has done wonders for me. 90% relief! It sure changed my daily life. Can now last a long time....John Rose, English Hr. West, NF

Sleep now soundly! Had to get up 4-5 times a night. Pills didn’t help. After drinking your Ezee Flow Tea can sleep now soundly. Wake up feeling good in the morning. Will never miss my tea. I like the taste! ...Ron Loader, North York, ON

Dreaded driving anywhere Because I had to make lots of “emergency” stops. Sometimes had to do it behind the open car door. Not much urine would come out. Soon I had to stop again. Not funny at all. Others may laugh, especially women and younger men. They will also not understand how good it feels now to have a strong stream again. Can sleep through the night. Pills including saw palmetto did not help. Doctor could not help either. ...Ted Mellenthin, Mission, BC

What a great product! What a relief! It lives up to all the hopes I had. Reduced getting up during the night. Eased flow of urine. Increased sex drive and performance. And the tea is pleasant to drink. ...Wilf Marcotte, Estevan, SK

Thanks for this wonderful tea! I feel so much better. Have peaceful sleep. From 8 times a night getting up down to 2 times. Much better than the two drugs I took. Will never miss my tea. ...M. J. Jiwa, Edmonton, AB

Tea does exactly as advertised!Was very skeptic, but worked out terrific. Had to get up 4-6 times a night with pain, poor flow, dribbling, burning, urgency. All resolved. Get up once or NIL. Best of all have a sex life again. Happy & grateful. ...Ray Davis, Port Elgin, ON

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