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Body Renewal (Fertalin)
For Fertility
Sexual System Support

  • Works by rejuvenating the reproductive system.
  • Supports healthy cellular metabolism
  • Antioxidant


90 tablets


Up to 30%

Suggested Use:
  • Take 1 tablet, once daily with water.

Firm'N GRO
Body Renewal
  • Made with polyamines that also occur in such plant foods as oats, corn, cucumbers and radishes.
  • Polyamines are also found in all cells in the human body.
  • Clinical trials and certificates from university research departments say Body Renewal is safe.
  • Helps the body deal with stress and keeps cortisol levels in check.
  • An antioxidant for the maintenance of good health.
  • Helps prevent selenium deficiency.
  • For women and men.
  • Formerly called Fertalin.
  • Three month supply for one person or forty-five day supply for a couple.

Until recently, if a couple was unable to conceive, the woman was considered ‘infertile’. However, now it is generally recognized within the medical community that, in 40% of the cases, the problem lies with the male. In another 40% of the cases, the problem lies with both the male and the female.
Until now, options for infertile couples have been expensive, invasive, and time-consuming.

They have also placed a great deal of stress on relationships. Body Renewal is a therapeutic which could provide an effective and low-cost alternative to expensive, conventional methods. Body Renewal, made with the Nokomis’ world-patented compounds (polyamines), addresses both the male and female causes of infertility with no side-effects. Polyamines are phytochemicals that occur in nature in such plant foods as radishes, corn, cucumbers, and oats.

There are thousands of phytochemicals in the fruits and vegetables that we eat and scientists are just beginning to discover the extent of their healing properties.
Body Renewal is a naturally-based, non-hormonal product anecdotally proven to enhance both sperm count and quality in men. It also helps to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with endometriosis, one of the most common causes of female infertility.
Body Renewal helps to revitalize the female and male reproductive system while providing antioxidants as well.

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