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Frequently Asked Questions

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We don't make any recommendation or any medical consultations


It is impossible to place an order by phone
All our transactions are secured by PayPal!

PayPal also accept Major Credit Cards

Are the taxes included in the price?


If Shiped within Quebec, the PST and the GST will be added.PST is applicabled to shipments to all other provinces and terretories.No taxes to shipments outside of Canada, but duty fees from the receiving countries may apply.

It's at the time of processing your order to the cash register that all the calculations of taxes will be made according to the delivery address.

Why are prices lower than the competition?

Many reasons explain our very low prices:

  1. Internet Sales is our unique activity. This is not a secondary enterprise for us. Packages are shipped every weekday at 16H00. Not once a week like others. We don't pay for overhead fees related to conventional stores.
  2. Because we are specialized in Internet activity, we make our own website updates while the competition outsource there web site management. We save a lot of money this way. Yes we have a very basic way to present our products on our web store and lower our operational cost that way.
  3. With the majority of our suppliers, we have a "Wholesale" discount and not regular distributor prices. This gives you the chance to skip a level and save more money.
  4. We don't hide the shipping fees in the price of our products. Most of our competitors advertise "No Shipping Charge!", but they sell their products with a price 25% higher than our prices. With us, you pay the best price possible and only one shipping price even if you have multiple items in your order.
  5. We don't spend any money on advertising. This allows us to reduce even more our operating cost, thus lower prices for you.
  6. We don't offer consultation services. This is an other big saving that goes directly to you.

Can we buy directly at your warehouse?

No! Our enterprise is designed especially for the Internet.
This is this structure that allows us to offer to you the best prices.

May I pay C.O.D. ?

No! First the fees for that kind of transaction are too costly. Secondary the risk for us is also too high.

Is the credit card transaction process secure?

Yes! With PayPal.

Is there other fees not listed on my invoice that I will have to pay to get my order?

If shipped within Canada, No!
For all other countries, duty fees might be requested. 
You may contact your countrie's custom office for more information.

Why is it sometime mentionned"Canada & USA only"

This means that only customers from Canada and the United States can purchase this product.

Generally, this applies to products that are too heavy or to large.

Transports fees would be unreasonably high thus not worth the spending.

Is my package insured?

Yes, Every package is insured without exception!Each package has a tracking number to allow follow-up on Canada Post web site.You will receive this tracking number by email from Canada Post minutes after they receive the package.

Customer's responsibility on delivery reception:

Once Canada Post confirms that the delivery has been done, Maison Radical inc. & cannot be held responsible for non-received packages. The customer has the responsibility to supply to us the complete address and a secured mail box.

A signature will be requested on reception unless you renounced to it when you choose the mailing option.

Is there a required minimum to purchase?


Can the billing and deliverie address be different.

Yes! When you enter the payment process, you will have the opportunity to enter a different address for delivery. Shipping fees will be calculated with the delivery address.

Why don't you accept EURO as money currency?

Our store is located in Canada (Quebec) and all our purchases are processed in Canadian currency. Since the exchange rates changes twice daily, we can't accept other currencies.

Why PayPal refused my transaction?

Many reasons are possible:

  1. Your bank refused the transaction.
  2. The information you supplied (address or name) are different from those on your credit card statement.

What if I want to cancel my order?

Return & Refund Policy

Do you make any medical consultation?


Where is located? is part of Maison Radical inc.Located in Sherbrooke Québec, Canada

How do I contact you!

The fastest & easiest way is by email 24H/24H

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