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Choleretic and Cholagogue
  • Food related nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Drains the gall bladder
  • Increases bile production
  • Increases biliary secretion
  • Stimulates the digestive organs
  • Hangovers
  • Overeating


60 tablets
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A herbal combination to help promote the secretion of bile (choleretic) and flow of bile (cholagogue).

Medicinal Ingredients:
Black Radish root200 mg (PE 1:4)
Artichoke leaves50 mg (PE 1:4)
Boldo leaves50 mg (PE 1:4)
Turmeric root50 mg
Milk Thistle fruit50 mg
Dandelion Root50 mg

Fumitory Herb (Fumaria), Cellulose, Microcrystalline, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid.
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Black radish: Raphanol, Vitamin B-C, Tocopherol.

Properties: Cholecystokinetic (totally drains the gall bladder). Stimulates the hepatic cell. Is an aperitive and a digestive.

Indication: Hepatic insufficiency -cholecystitis (inflammation of gall bladder).

Artichoke: Vitamin A and B, mineral salts: manganese, phosphorus, iron, nitrogenous matter, and carbohydrates.

Properties: Choleretic (increases by biliary secretion) aperitive, stimulants.

Indication: Hepatic congestion and insufficiency, dyspeptic disorder, epigastric distension, slow digestion.

Boldo : Essential oil, boldine, boldoglucide.

Properties: Cholagogue (bile evacuation), diuretic.

Indications: Liver congestion, hepatic insufficiencies.

Fumitory: Alkaloids: fumarine, flavonoids, rutin, fumaric acid, chloride and potassium nitrates.

Properties: Fumarine has an amphocholeretic action, which means that it fights the pathological increase of biliary secretion, but also increases biliary secretion when it is too little.

Indication: Normalizes biliary flow.

Turmeric: Active ingredients: Turmerone, alantone and zingiberene and curcumine. Properties: Cholagogue and choleretic.

Indication: Activates the hepatic and digestive functions.

Dandelion: Active ingredients: Taraxine and taraxasterol.

Properties: Cholagogue, works on the bile and hepatic functions.

Indication: Dandelion root stimulates the secretion of the digestive organs.

Milk Thistle: Active ingredients: Silymarine.

Properties: Helps protect and cure the liver. Regenerates liver cells and combats liver toxins.

Indication: Lack of liver function.

Thanks to the synergy of the three plants, this complex has a remarkable action on all liver, gall bladder, and general digestion problems.


  • Raphanus drains out the gall bladder. .

  • Artichoke increases bile fabrication. .

  • Boldo increases biliary secretion. .

  • Fumitory normalizes the biliary flow. .

  • Licorice increases biliary secretion

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