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Heavy Metal Detox
  • Detoxes heavy metals and environmental pollutants
  • Decreases allergic sensitivity
  • Alumina 10x, 
  • Baryta carb 10x, 
  • Benzenum 8x, 10x, 18x, 
  • Cadmium metallicum 8x, 14x, 18x, 
  • Carboneum oxygenisatum 8x, 14x, 18x, 
  • Carboneum sulphuratum 8x, 14x, 18x, 
  • Cuprum metallicum 10x, 
  • Kreosotum 8x, 14x, 18x, 
  • Mercurius solubiilis 10x, 
  • Nux vomica 10x, 
  • Plumbum 8x, 14x, 18x, 
  • Solidago 8x, 14x, 18x, 
  • Sulfur iodatum 8x, 14x, 18x, 
  • Thuya occidentalis 10x, 
  • 20% vol Alcohol, 
  • Water USP.
100 ml.


Up to 30%

  • 20 drops under tongue 3 times a day for 33 days. 
  • Repeat every 6 months if symptoms stay the same. 
  • Take as is or dilute in 1 teaspoon of water. 
  • Keep under tongue for 1 minute.
Firm'N GRO

BIOTOX is a Homeopathic formula conceived to help North Americans protect themselves from the harmful effects of an increasingly hostile environment. Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments have issued guidelines pertaining to the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Moreover, Air pollutants caused by Industry, cars and Acid Rain are tested regularly to determine their level of toxicity according to pre-established norms:


2/ Acceptable


Tested pollutants are:

  • Sulphur Dioxide,

  • Carbon Monoxide,

  • Ozone,

  • Nitrate Dioxide,

  • Hydrogen Sulphur,

  • Nitrate Monoxide and

  • particles in complete suspension.

  • Suspended Particles PM10 inferior in size to 10 microns can be ingested through the Lungs.

  • Suspended Particles PM2.5 inferior in size to 2.5 microns can lodge themselves even deeper inside the Lung cells(Alveoli).

  • We can commonly trace Mercury, Lead ,Copper and Aluminum deposits in our drinking water as a result of Industrial waste dumped in our waters.

The Homeopathic method for evacuating toxins or making them Bioavailable is to ingest those same toxins in Homeopathic dilutions. This allows the organism to evacuate these toxins through the emunctories (Draining organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and intestines.)

BIOTOX contains most Air pollutants and Heavy Metals in several Homeopathic dilutions to promote their thorough evacuation from our bodies,which accumulates these toxins from our air, water, food and Prescription Drugs. Because of these repeated aggressions on our organism, our emunctories(draining organs)get saturated and do not function properly, thus provoking health troubles in varying degrees, manifested in the following symptoms:

  • Respiratory, Skin and Digestive allergies(Asthma, Acute Rhinitis and Chronic Coughs)

  • Blocked Receptors can provoke a slowing down of the Hormonal System

  • Erratic menstruations or a complete stop of Menstrual activities.

  • Thyroid dysfunction

  • Slowdown of Cerebral Activity and Memory loss.

  • Physical and Mental Fatigue.

  • Depression

  • Loss of Sex drive

  • Blood problems.

Homeopathy is the ideal recourse for detoxing the emunctories from these pollutants because of its capacity to work in depth and in total non-toxicity.

Mercury accumulated in the organism from Dental fIllings, our drinking water and food is, thanks to the Homeopathic dilutions of Mercury in BIOTOX, made bio-available and progressively evacuates these deposits from our system.

Excessive Mercury in our organisms can cause Bad Breath, Hypersalivation, excessive perspiration, mouth ulcers, night pains and purulent (containing pus) secretions of the mucous membrane.

Lead causes Hypertension, Abdominal cramps, constipation, loss of Balance and blood problems

Copper causes spasms, memory losses and nervous conditions.

Aluminum causes memory losses and dry skin

In summary , BIOTOX is a formula which allows us to fight off the detrimental effects of an increasingly polluted environment by cleansing our organism from the above-mentioned Toxic ingestions. Detoxing with Biotox is recommended twice yearly for a duration of 33 days.

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