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Vertebra - Articular & Ligament Pain


-Aconitum Nap. 10x,
-Actaea Racemosa 10x,
-Apis Mellifica l0x,
-Arnica Montana 18x,
-Bryonia Alba 10x,
-Caulophyllum Thal. 10x,
-Chamomilla 10x,
-Cuprum met. 10x,
-Dulcamara 10x,
-Gnaphalium Polycephalum, Guaiacum 10x,
-Hypericum Perf. 10x,
-Kali phos. 10x,
-Kalmia Latifolia 10x,
-Ledum Palustre 10x,
-Rhus Tox. 10x,
-Ruta Grava 10x,
-Sarcolacticum Acidum 10x,
-Symphytum Officinale l0x.
50 ml.
Firm'N GRO
Mountain Sky


  • Acute Cases: 20 drops 4 times daily and if awoken by pain.
  • Chronic Cases: 20 drops 3 times daily and diminish quantities with improvement.

  • Rhus Tox -For pain which is improved with movement and worsened with cold humidity .
  • Kali Phos -Dorsalgia and asthenia after an intellectual or muscular effort.
  • Arnica -Contusions, muscular trauma with or without hematomas. Muscular fatigue. Arnica has a preventative as well as a curative action.
  • Bryonia -For pains improved with rest and applied pressure, and worsened with the slightest movement..
  • Ledum -For ankles that improve an ice cold compress is applied.
  • Ruta Grava­ For painful or sprained ligaments and tendons.
  • Kalmia -For shooting pain radiating from the spine toward the extremities. i.e. Sciatica, Lombalgia.
  • Gnaphalium­ Sciatica improved in a sitting position.
  • Symphytum -For periosteum trauma (hip pain)
  • Hypericum -For finger and nerve ending pain. Pain triggered by a sting or bite.
  • Caulophylum­ Smaller articulation pains (carpus, metatarsus) reinforced by Guaiacum.
  • Guaiacum -Reinforces Caulophylum.
  • Apis -Burning pain with edema improved.
  • Actaea Racemosa -For cervical pains with alternating psychological turmoil.
  • Dulcamara -For pain triggered by humidity .
  • Cuprum -Calf muscle cramps, spasms.
  • Sarcolacticum Acidum -For pain after a muscular effort.
  • Chamomilla -For pain pertaining to nervous people who are intolerant to pain.

Aconitum -Acute shooting pain triggered by dry cold