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  • Complete Detox



  • Drains the emunctories
  • Ideal for the elderly or thosewith sensitive systems
  • Acts at the digestion level
  • Safe with medication
  • Deep thorough cleanse

100 ml.

  • Taraxacum 6x,

  • Cynara 6x,

  • Ceanothus Americanus 6x,

  • Raphanus Sativus 6x,

  • Chelidonium 6x,

  • Carduus Marianus 10x,

  • Solidago 6x,

  • Berberis Vulgaris 6x,

  • Hydrastis 6x,

  • Equisetum Arvense 6x,

  • Lespedeza Capitata 6x,

  • Antimonium Crudum 10x,

  • Ranunculus Bulbosus 4x,

  • Erigeron Canadensis 6x,

  • Fucus Vesiculosus 6x,

  • Lappa Major 6x,

  • Viburnum 6x,

  • Hamamelis 6x,

  • Vitis Vinifera 6x,

  • Aesculus Hippocastanum 6x,

  • Arnica 6x,

  • Gingko Biloba 10x,

  • Robinia Pseudo-Acacia 10x,

  • Argentum Nitricum 10x,

  • Carbo Vegetabilis 9x,

  • Cinchona 8x,

  • Cholesterinum10x,

  • Helonias 6x, 20% vol Alcohol,

  • Water USP.


Up to 30%


  • 80 drops morning and evening 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after.


Draining the emunctories -The body is like a factory that produces energy and wastes. When wastes builds up they clog the organs and the body functions at a slower pace. Then we have a decrease of energy after which fatigue sets in and digestion becomes difficult. When this happens, it is time to do

something. You need to drain the emunctories.

What is an emunctory ? It is an organ that enables accumulated toxins to be eliminated. Our body has five of them: the liver, the intestines, the skin, the kidneys and the lungs.

What is a draining product ? It is a product that stimulates an organ so that it can effectively eliminate toxins.

A disintoxication cure should be done twice a year to drain the emunctories and to stimulate the organism. First the liver must be stimulated; then the kidneys must be drained to eliminate all the toxins the liver has filtered.

Disintoxicating the organism will:

  • Eliminate skin wastes.

  • Act upon venous circulation.

  • Drain the spleen and pancreas.

  • Act at the digestion level.

  • Stimulate the thyroid

  • Do some prevention against arthritis and cholesterol.

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What drainers does nature offer us to desintoxicate our organism ?

Liver: taraxacum, cynara, raphanus sativus, chelidonium, carduus marianus. Skin: burdock or lappa major.

Kidneys: cynara, taraxacum, solidago, berberis, hydrastis, equisetum.

Spleen and Pancreas: ceanothus.

Thyroid: laminaria and fucus.

Veins: hamamelis, gingko biloba, vitis vinifera, viburnum, aesculus and arnica. Aerophagy: argentum nitricum, carbo vegetabilis, cinchona (china) and robinia. Arthritis and Rheumatisms: lespedeza, ranunculus and erigeron.

Cholesterol: cholesterinum.

Digestion: antimonium crudum.

Mycosis prevention: helonias.

With this formula almost all the emunctories will be drained.

Taraxacum: Acts upon the medial lobe of the liver.

Cynara (leaves): Act on the liver and act as a diuretic.

Ceanothus : Drains the pancreas and the spleen.

Raphanus Sativus : Has a draining action on the liver.

Chelidonium: Will mostly act on the right lobe of the liver.

Carduus Marianus : Acts on the left lobe of the liver.

Solidago: Has a draining action on the liver and kidneys.

Berberis: Acts on the kidneys.

Hydrastis: Has a diuretic action.

Equisetum Arvense : Remineralizes and is a diuretic.

Lespedeza : Diminishes the amount of urea.

Antimonium Crudum has: Is effective for a person whose tong is thickly coated with white spots. Ranunculus Bulb. : Drains the catabolites of those having rheumatisms.

Erigeron : Is a uric acid drainer.

Fucus : Has a catabolic action by exciting the thyroid and by cleaning the organism through destroying its reserves.

Lappa Major: Has a draining action upon the skin.

Aesculus, Hamamelis, and Vitis: Has a vein-like and vein toning action.

Viburnum: Is a circulatory drainer and venous tonic.

Arnica: For people with spontaneous haematoma.

Gingko Biloba : Also has a vein toning action.

Robinia : Acts on eructations, heart burn and stomach acidities.

Argentum Nitricum : Acts on bad digestion, acid digestion. sugar intolerance. etc.

Carbo Vegetabilis and Cinchona (China) : Acts on abdominal distension with winds.

Cholesterinum : Will diminish the amount of cholesterol in the organism.

Helonias: Drains mycosis.