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Helps prevent infections
50 ml.


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ACTION:It is evident that the anti-infectious need copper, enforced by manganese with its anti-allergic power; this completes its anti-infectious power especially with disorders such as rheumatisms and respiratory allergies with simultaneous infection. Cobalt strengthens the organism's defenses while sulfur acts for skin and respiratory infection problems.



Oligo-elements­ "oligo" meaning "few" -are elements found in very small quantities in the organism but are essential to its proper function. They have two roles:

1. They are considered to be catalysts of the different reactions in the organism. Even though they are not used chemically, they enable certain biochemical reactions to happen normally. If the organism needs copper, it won't use it to make a copper derivative but instead will fully regenerate it to enable certain biochemical reactions.

2. They are considered to be constitution modifying agents by strengthening the organism's self­defense system. We have also tried to prove the presence or absence of oligo-elements in the constitutional illnesses. As the body's functional disorders are determined by a slowing down or an enzymatic blockage, we noticed that the cause thereof was due to missing catalyzes or oligo-elements.

Trace-elements tend to improve the proper functioning of the body as a whole by regularly bringing small quantities of elements that stimulate biochemical exchanges.


Aluminum: Is for cerebral and nervous stability, and sleeping trouble.

Silver: Has bacteriostatic properties.

Bismuth: Is an antiseptic and bactericide of the ORL sphere.

Calcium: Is for decalcification and osteoporosis.

Chromium: Is for sugar metabolism disorders.

Cobalt: Is an anti-anemic, it regulates the sympathetic and parasympathetic system.

Copper: Is an antiseptic, and anti-infectious.

Iron: Is for anemia, and transports oxygen.

Fluoride: Is for bad mineralization.

Iodine: Regulates endocrine glands (thyroid).

Lithium: Regulates depression states.

Magnesium: Modifies (constitution). Is a neuroarthritic regulator.

Manganese: Is for allergies, asthma, and arthritic states.

Nickel: Acts upon the endocrine glands of the lipid metabolism.

Gold: Is an anti-infectious, it increases the power of self-defense.

Phosphorus: Regulates the parathyroidal functions.

Potassium: Is a diuretic, and fights lassitude and weariness.

Selenium: Neutralizes radicals and decreases cell degeneration.

Silica: Is for remineralization, and chronic infections.

Sulfur: Is for cutaneous disorders, and ORL sphere disorders. Zinc: Regulates pituitary functions.

Oligo complexes

Copper -Nickel -Cobalt: Eliminates uric and oxalic acid.

Copper -Gold -Silver: Is for weakness. Has an anti-infection and an antiviral action.

Manganese -Copper: Is for states of chronic infections.

Manganese­ Cobalt: Is for arthritis, arthrosis, and circulation disorders.

Manganese­ Copper-Cobalt: Is for anemia.

Nickel-Cobalt: Regulates the pancreatic metabolism.

Zinc-Copper: Is for pituitary functions.

Zinc-Nickel­ Cobalt: Is a hypoglycemic, it regulates (pancreatic-hypophysis) states.

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