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Lymphatic Drainer
30 drops under the tongue 2 times daily, half an hour before meals or as directed by a health care professional.

Homeopathic Remedy. Shake well before using.

  • Hamamelis 6x, 
  • Apis 10x, 
  • Natrum Sulf. 10x, 
  • Thuya 10x, 
  • Arnica 18x, 
  • Kali Carb.10x, 
  • Fucus Ves. 6x, 
  • Ceanothus 6x, 
  • Solidago 6x, 
  • Taraxacum 6x, 
  • 20% vol Alcohol, 
  • Water USP.
100 ml.


Up to 30%


The lymphatic system is the drainage system of our organism. It is considered part of the circulatory system and consists of lymph nodes and ducts.

The lymph is a clear fluid, which resembles and contains plasma and lymphocytes (white blood cells that are made by the lymph nodes in order to fight off infections). The lymph ducts drain the lymph and pours it into the bloodstream. They also transport waste from our entire organism to the lymph nodes, which filter the waste, and bacteria in order to prevent them from entering the bloodstream. All unwanted elements are trapped and destroyed by the lymphocytes, which are present in the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes ate the lymphocyte production and storage centers, which are vital to the immune system. Antibodies are manufactured in the lymphatic system as soon as they recognize an attack from a foreign substance.

The lymph however, does not have its own pump. Its flow depends entirely on pressure from the blood system and the massaging of the muscles. Therefore in order to improve lymphatic drainage, blood circulation deeds to be improved.

Edemas are another obstacle that impedes the lymphatic system. They are a liquid that infiltrate the tissues, which slow down the lymphatic flow. They can be caused by a mechanical problem, which impedes blood flow towards the heart (phlebitis, or inflammation and compression of the lymph ducts).

Lympatox was created with a preventative goal in mind. A lymphatic system that is working well helps avoid many problems as well as strengthening the immune system.

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