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Option Biotech
Stop or Reduce Smoking
  • Enables smokers to control oreliminate tobacco intake
  • Combats nervousness andinsomnia
  • No side effects
  • Helps reduce appetite
4 tubes of 80 granules each (320 granules in total).

Dissolve 4 granules under tongue 3 times daily, 1/2 hour before eating or 1 hour after or as directed by a physician or homeopathic practitioner.

Homeopathic medicine.

  • Tabacum 8x, 
  • Tabacum 10x, 
  • Tabacum 14x, 
  • Tabacum 18x, 
  • Caladium 10x, 
  • Coffea 10x, 
  • Lobelia 10x, 
  • Nicotinum 10x, 
  • Passiflora 10x, 
  • Anacardium Orientalis 18x.


Up to 30%

Firm'N GRO

How Ta 220XS works; Ta 220 by using the entire cigarette brands sold in Canada. Therefore, no matter what brand the person smokes, Ta 220 will work. Infinitesimal dilutions: Tabacum 10X = concentration to the tenth billion. You can therefore see what is an infinitesimal dilution. The advantage is that is no side effect and no risk of overdose even if one were to consume several thousand granules.

  • Ta 220 can be taken by smokers or people exposed to smoke.

How it works: the granule acts in this way: the homeopathic dilution of tobacco draws from the organism an important quantity of nicotine, which satisfies one immediate craving. At the same time, it helps reduce and eliminate nicotine from the smoker’s organism. As long as the smoker replaces cigarettes by granules of Ta 220 xs there is nicotine DETOX. The desire to smoke disappears progressively.

Definitive Method:

  • Dissolve under the tongue 4 granules 3 times daily, ½ before eating or an hour after.
  • In addition, take 2 granules whenever the desire to smoke arises.

Progressive Method:

1st Stage: (from 1 to several weeks according to smokers desire)

1st desire, smoke a cigarette

2nd desire, take 2 granules

3rd desire, smoke a cigarette

4th desire, 2 granules…etc.

Never smoke 2 cigarettes consecutively.

2nd Stage (Lasts several weeks)

1st desire, smoke a cigarette

2nd desire, take 2 granules

3rd desire, take 2 granules

4th desire, smoke a cigarette…etc

Therefore, the smoker maintains control of his cigarette consumption depending on his desire to quit and the method he chooses. Ta 220XS adapts itself to each smoker. The advantage of this method is that it does not pressure the smoker, has no side effects and is not conducive to weight gain or added stress because the method is gentle and progressive. After a few weeks, the smoker can decide to quit altogether or to smoke the number of cigarettes he desires.

Blue Tube: Put it in your picket, bag or cigarette pack. This will remind you to take the granules rather than a cigarette.

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