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Appropriate for :
  • Men in perfect health with an excellent performance.
  • Men who have difficulty maintaining their performance.
  • Certain men with serious difficulties.
  • Women in perfect health and with excellent libido & desire.
  • Women with lower desire and libido.
  • Women who need better lubrication.

Option Biotech
24 capsules
  • Aframomum...300mg
  • Kola Nitida...80 mg
  • digestive enzymes...20 mg
  • vegetable capsule.


Up to 30%

Direction for an optimal result :
Take 1 capsule, with each meal, 3 times a day, for 5 consecutive days.
 Total : 15 capsules Load up phase need only to be done 1 time.
After this period, 2 capsules 1 hour before sexual activities.
Firm'N GRO
Precautions : Because Aframomum is a kind of spice, as with other spices, we recommend to be careful if you have intestinal sensitivity or allergies to spices.

Some FAQs :

· Initial build up period of 5 days is very important. Once is enough.

· Biovigora remains efficient and safe for people with diabetes, cholesterol, prostate, blood pressure and heart problems.

· Biovigora doesn't cause insomnia.

· You don't have to take Biovigora daily. Just as needed, 1 hour before sexual activities. One of the least expensive product on the market

· Biovigora works for many hours (last up to 12 hours on some people), so it can be taken more than one hour before intercourse.

· Biovigora increases sexual performance for the majority of people even if they have no problems.

· Biovigora is compatible with alcohol and prescribed medication.

The story of Biovigora is one of the most astonishing finds in the field of the medicinal plants. For centuries, the men of some tribes in Africa were recognized by the surrounding tribesmen for their particularly high vitality and their sexual capacities. Up 'till now, older men married and had children with considerably younger women. For unfound reasons, they remained sexually active all their life.Intrigued by this out of the ordinary situation, scientists decided to performe a study. Their research led to a remarkable discovery: the performance of those men was the result of Aframomum, a rare spice that growsin Africa, used to season food.From this discovery, the scientists studied the efficiency, dosage, the posology and the toxicity of Aframomum. The seeds of Aframomum were brought to a laboratory and were analyzed to verify these criteria.Specialists in clinical and medical research led these clinical tests.

Biovigora is not a prescription medication. The active ingredient of Biovigora was used (and still is used) centuries ago by certain African tribes without unfavourable side effects.The long-term consumption of Aframomum by humans for centuries is the best proof of safety, even better than scientific study or intensive tests on animals.In laboratory tests , mice received amounts equivalent to 16 boxes of 20 capsules X 150 Mg of Biovigora per day for 18 consecutive days and did not show any unfavourable side effects or any degree of toxicity.Biovigora is not a chemical medication. Biovigora is a food supplement (100 % natural) made up of only 2 plants, eliminating most side effects which chemicals may cause. However, like all other spice types, we recommend considering it with attention if you are sensitive or have intolerance to spices.

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