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Return & Refund Policy

At we understand that it is possible to buy a product by mistake. 

For this reason we will refund without hesitation any product that you will return to us,
( in its original packaging and in perfect condition ), within 30 days
of the time of purchase.

A product in perfect condition is a product that can be resold
 because it is still in its original packaging and has not been opened.

Option Biotech
At , a return is as easy as 1,2,3 !
  1. Put in a box the product(s) to be returned (in its original packaging).
  2. Join a copy of your invoice indicating clearly the product(s) being returned.
  3. Send the box to:
Maison Radical inc.
518 Josephine Doherty, Sherbrooke, Quebec,
Canada J1L 3B7
The same day we receive your return, a credit for the value of the returned product(s)
Less the Non-refundable fees indicated below" will be issued to your credit card
or a refund cheque will be sent to you (if the original purchase was paid by cheque).
What happens if I decideto cancelled my order in the first 24 hours?
Firm'N GRO

Advise us immediately by email with your transaction number at

1. If the order isn’t already gone, your order will be cancelled. A refund will be apply on your credit card.

2. If the package has been already ship, it will be manage like you got out of a store with your product. You have to return it to us. The transport fees that we had to pay to ship the product will not be refundable. 

The difference between the total of your bill less the total of the non-refundable fees will be apply to your credit card.


Up to 30%


If for whatever reasons you have a question about this, don’t hesitate to contact us:

· By email at

· By phone (Between 9 :00H Am & 4 :00 PM Montreal time) at 1-873-888-6944

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