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About ViaZen Pharma

ViaZen Pharma is a Quebec company that specializes in developing and marketing innovative natural health products for today’s needs.

Developed by a team of health professionals, our products are made in Quebec under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations, in a laboratory accredited by Health Canada. Products also meet Health Canada's requirements (NPN pending for certain products).

ViaZen formulas contain a high concentration of normalized medicinal plant extracts. To obtain maximum effectiveness, these extracts are associated with easily assimilated minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants.


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Why does ViaZen use normalized extracts?

The content of active substances in a medicinal plant varies considerably according to its age and its growth stage. It is also influenced by multiple external factors such as soil and sun. Taking those factors into account, the constitution of a plant varies from one harvest to another.

By using normalized extracts, we eliminate all of those variations. The process of normalization concentrates the medicinal substances coming from the plants and separates them from inactive substances to ensure a specific concentration of the substances and maximum effectiveness. Normalized extracts are more expensive to produce, but they also are a guarantee of effectiveness and satisfaction.

Choosing a normalized extract results in a stable and high level of active substances. That's why our products are made with normalized extracts. ViaZen guarantees the use of high concentration medicinal plants.

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