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Certified 100% Pure Emu Oil


Dr. G.R. Hobday (Australia) has done ten years of clinical experimentation
 with the following results:

1- ECZEMA: reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin. 

2-KELOIDS: reduces recent scarring and has an anti-inflammatory action against the formation of keloid tissues

3- BURNS: promotes faster healing with less pain and scarring. 

4-JOINTS: reduces pain, swelling and stiffness where joint is close to the skin surface.  

5-BRUISING and MUSCLE pain: provides significant benefit to recent bruising and muscle pain where injury is relatively superficial. Massaged, post-exercise muscle strains are reduced due to anti-inflammatory action .

6-WOUNDS: Emu Oil appears to have reduced scar tissue formation due to the anti-inflammatory action, which soothes a wound after surgery

7-INSECT BITES: the sting and itching is greatly reduced due to the anti-inflammatory properties.

 Use & Directions  

100% Natural Emu Oil: At 20°C, Emu Oil is white and in a semi-solid state. At 100°C the oil is liquid, with a yellow tint. Tests show a level of purity of 100%. This yellow tinted compound distilled scientifically, appears to be the ingredient containing the renowned anti-inflammatory properties. Storage: Emu Oil can easily be stored at room temperature in a dark dry area for a prolonged period of time.


Use and Directions: To reheat the oil, put the bottle under the hot water tap. (Do not use the microwave oven)  


Headaches and Migraines: Emu Oil helps reduce pain due to migraines and headaches Application: Apply oil to temples, neck and shoulders and massage well.


Skin Care: Emu Oil is a remarkable moisturizer due to its superior ability to penetrate the skin. It can be used to soothe dry, itchy skin, irritated nose and the prevention of wrinkles.

Generally, analgesic creams on the market today are water-based. These lotions may not leave an oily film, which many people appreciate. However these lotions may not penetrate all the layers of the skin. On the other hand, ointments, which penetrate well, tend to leave an oily residue. Emu Oil possesses the best of these two products, it penetrates well without leaving a greasy film. The oil will be completely absorbed after a slight massage. Emu Oil has been proven as a good emulsifier. Being that, it is able to carry along many complementary compounds. Coupled with its superior penetration, Emu Oil can take along other products where it is required. Application: Apply oil sparingly and massage into the skin. A little goes a long way.


Arthritis and Joints:, Emu Oil helps soothe the early stage of arthritic pain. It is believed that the oil reduces inflammation in and around painful joints, while lubricating the affected cartilage by increasing its range of movement. Emu Oil has proven to be especially effective when used on stiff hand-joints. One study from Australia showed that the effectiveness of Emu Oil in cases of advanced arthritis, was increased when combined with eucalyptus oil. Application: Apply small amount of warm oil and massage.

Growing Pains: These can be quite acute for some children. They are a result of ligaments and tendons stretching around the knee and sometimes swelling may occur. Emu Oil can effectively reduce the resulting pain. Application: Apply warm oil on the affected area before bedtime. Massage well and repeat daily as required.


Bruises and Sprains: Emu Oil can significantly treat recent bruises and sore muscles where the wound is superficial. Similarly, sprains and stretched muscles can also be treated. Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of Emu Oil, resulting pain can be reduced with a warm oil massage just before therapy. Application: For bruises, apply oil and rub in gently. For muscle pain and sprains, perform a warm oil massage on the affected area.


Recent Abrasions: Emu Oil can help reduce scarring if applied to fresh surface wounds. It soothes and speeds up healing when used on: blisters, welts, burns, small cuts, itchiness due to swelling, scratches and insect bites. Application: Apply Emu Oil and gently rub sore.


Eczema : Moisturizers found on the market today may actually increase irritation. Emu Oil and Emu Oil based creams are more beneficial and can considerably reduce skin irritation and inflammation. Application: For ordinary eczema, rub oil on the affected area. In more serious cases we recommend a warm oil application after the prescribed treatment.

Haemorrhoids : Emu Oil soothes itching due to varicose and distended rectal veins. Application: Apply oil on the affected area as required.   


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