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EGP’S ORIGINAL FORMULA (gemstone powder and plants mixed in a proprietary proportion). 
Other ingredients: organic white rice flour (gluten free), vegetable cellulose (vegetarian capsules). 
Free of: sugar, salt, yeast, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, nuts, shellfish or preservatives. 
Vegetable capsules are made from carbohydrate gum derived from naturally occurring vegetable cellulose, or plant fiber (in particular, pine plant cellulose). 100% free from animal by-products and preservatives, these certified kosher vegetable capsules do not interfere with digestion and absorption of the ingredients within. 
Dosage and Instructions: 
Take the first capsule of EGP 30 min. after dinner. 
Take the second capsule of EGP 3 days after at the same time (30 min. after dinner). 
Example: If you take the first capsule on Monday, the second should be taken on Thursday. 
No alcohol should be consumed at night after taking EGP. 
Accuracy in taking EGP will provide you a long-time protection from negative effects of radiation, geopathic, electromagnetic, and X-rays stresses. 
To ensure effectiveness for a long period of time, it is recommended not to drink more than 6 cups of black coffee a day after taking EGP. 
Do not exceed the recommended dose! 
Individuals with a serious medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any others dietary supplements! 
This product is not recommended for children under 16 years, pregnant or nursing women, people over 70 years old and people who have allergic reaction to rice. 
Keep this product in cool dry place. 
Keep this product out of reach of children. 
This information is given for educational and informational purposes only and is not to be construed as a replacement for consulting a qualified health care practitioner. 
This product has not been tested by the FDA or Health Canada. 
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
Made in Canada 

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Electromagnetic & Geopathic Protector  
(EGP below) 
EGP is unique & natural product that protects you from various types of electromagnetic radiation. 
After taking only 2 capsules of EGP, you will not need any additional neutralization or harmonization of different negative electromagnetic fields around you for years. 
EGP is a UNIQUE NATURAL COMPLEX of gemstones and herbal supplements mixed in a proprietary proportion. This outstanding supplement eliminates negative effects of various types of electromagnetic radiation and offers unrivaled protection for a long period of time. 
 EGP is a complex created after years of research and study of ancient Chinese and Tibetan original manuscripts. EGP’s original formula includes natural gemstones and vegetable compounds. 
 It is highly recommended to take EGP if you: 
Lived or stayed for a period of time in countries affected by radiation, including most countries in Eastern, Northern and Central Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Japan and the U.S. states of Nevada and California. 
Often travel by air and/or work for an airline company or live close to an airport. 
Live near mountains, lakes, rivers, railroads, a subway system or underground shopping areas. 
Regularly use subway lines, drive an electric or a hybrid car, visit underground shopping areas or parking lots. 
Underwent X-rays, CT scan or MRI tests. 
Live near high-voltage power lines. 
Spend long hours on computer. 
Frequently use Wi-Fi devices, cellular phones, microwave ovens. 
Have been exposed to sunlight for a long time. 
Want to protect yourself from negative effects of extremely strong solar and geomagnetic storms that can cause serious radiation stress. 
The result obtained after taking EGP can be compared to immunization, or artificially acquired active immunity that can persist for many years and neutralize the negative effects of various types of electromagnetic radiation to the human body. 
Performance verification of this unique natural product was conducted over a period of 9 years. 
The presence of electromagnetic and radiation stress was determined by using various modern methods of biophysical testing with bioresonance devices and resonance vials from German and American manufacturers. Kinesiological methods and vegetative resonance tests were also used to reveal the presence of radiation and geopathic stress, as well as stress caused by electromagnetic fields and X-ray exams. 
Testing done prior to taking EGP showed the presence of radiation stress in 52% of all the persons studied, and in 100% of cases for people who were born in or visited some countries of Eastern, Northern and Central Europe, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and the U.S. states of Nevada and California. 
Geopathic stress was presented in 94% of the individuals that were tested. 
Presence of stress from electromagnetic fields generated by electric power lines, cellular phones, Wi-Fi devices, etc. was confirmed in 72% of the tested subjects, while the presence of electromagnetic stress after X-rays exams (such as airport control, dentist exams, MRI, CT scans) was reported in 100% of all the persons tested. 
24 hours after taking first capsule of EGP, none of the above-mentioned stress responses was detected in subjects. Everyone who had taken EGP noted a significant improvement in physical and mental health, a decrease in feeling chronic fatigue, anxiety and irritability, and an overall decrease of all other symptoms that usually accompany the presence of electromagnetic and radiation stresses in the human body. 
Do you know that radiation and electromagnetic stress have the most detrimental effect on your immune system and biological age? 
The body’s ability to protect itself from the assault of offending viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites can be enhanced or weakened by a number of factors. People with healthy immune systems have a better chance of fighting all sorts of infections. But when you are exposed to any kind of electromagnetic stress, your immune system is weakened, sometimes by 40-50 percent, leaving you vulnerable to invasion. 
The performance of the immune system is significantly  restored within 24 hours after taking two capsules of EGP. 
Also, your body is aging faster when it is constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation. 
Multiple tests to measure your Biological Age (your actual body age) using the German system Vega conclusively proved that the biological age consistently increases by 10 to 20 years in the presence of radiation, geopathic, electromagnetic, and X-rays stresses. That means that even if you are in your 50s, your biological age, or the age of your cellular structure, could be 10 to 20 years higher than your real age. 
 However, your biological age will be significantly (by 10-15 years!) reduced after taking two capsules of EGP. 
Do you know about the 'Rouleau' effect, where the red blood cells bunch together in long chains, instead of repelling each other as they ideally would? 
When they are in energetic balance, the red blood cells repel each other due to their polarity. However, when the red blood cells polarity is disturbed, as in geopathic stress and electromagnetic stress sufferers, it can clearly be seen that the cells are attracted and form long chains, which massively reduces the surface area and decreases the efficiency of the red blood cells acting as carriers of the blood stream that delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body. This effect is called “Rouleau”, which means 'stack of coins' in French, due to the appearance of the attracted red blood cells. Singular red blood cells have a large surface area to absorb oxygen from the lungs, but are flexible enough to squeeze through small blood vessels. 
However, when the red blood cells are in “Rouleau” chains, it becomes increasingly difficult for them, if not impossible, to squeeze through small blood vessels, and there is a reduced surface area to absorb oxygen from the lungs to transport around the body. 
After taking two capsules of EGP, blood conditions returns to normal, improving the blood circulation and oxygen absorption. 
What about X-rays? 
The exposure to X-rays is carcinogenic. To protect you from it, your dentist gives you a lead apron and leaves the room when you get dental X-rays. Even at low-dose levels, exposure to X- and gamma rays increases the risk of cancer. That is the bottom line of a comprehensive five-year study by a National Research Council (NRC) committee that included Stanford's Herbert L. Abrams, a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences. 
EGP is proved to be effective in protection from X-ray radiation and elimination of its negative effects for a long time. 
What about Electromagnetic stress (EMF)? 
Are you concerned about wireless networks and radiation you can't see? Do you feel that your mental clarity, memory or focus is diminished? Do you experience low energy, sleeplessness, frequent illness, headaches, irritability or stress? Electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible." -- Andrew Weil, M.D., author of Spontaneous Healing and 8 Weeks to Optimum Health. 
Everyday Sources of EMF Exposure: 
         AM/FM radios 
         Broadcasting antennas 
         Computer terminals 
         Cell phones 
         Cordless phones 
         Electrical appliances 
         Electric blankets 
         Electrical power supplies 
         Microwave ovens 
         MP3 players 
         Power lines 
         Televisions 
         Video game equipment 
         Wireless internet 
EGP is proved to be effective in protection from EMF radiation and elimination of its negative effects for a long time. 
What about Geopathic stress? 
Geopathic Stress, or harmful earth rays, can result from natural radiation which rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean (underground) running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. If you are living in a house that was built in a ”bad” location, or your workplace is affected by geopathic lines, there is a high possibility that your immune system is weakened. 
EGP is proved to be effective in protection from geopathic radiation and elimination of its negative effects for a long time. 
What about Severe Space Events? 
NASA researchers predict that severe space weather could be on the way.  Every eleven years, our sun hits its solar maximum when solar flares and coronal mass ejections (clouds of plasma that flow from the sun at millions of kilometers an hour) cause electromagnetic energy that throws the Earth's magnetic field into disarray.  
The coronal mass ejections temporarily compress the Earth's magnetic field by stretching it out on the midnight side, opposite the sun, generating powerful currents in the ground.  At the solar maximum, there might be ten coronal ejections.    
What damage could an event like this cause the human body?  
Whether the superstorm will come or not, the best way to face it is being prepared. 
There is plenty of evidence that low intensity electromagnetic energy causes long term and short term memory loss that can be and often is permanent. Some scientists speculate that we are looking at a possible global memory wipe. The memory loss will probably be preceded by a mass fit of epilepsy and loss of conscious control over the nervous system. When all is said and done, should you survive, you will likely come to your senses to find you have no memory of anything: your name, how to speak, read, or write your language, etc. 
EGP is proved to be effective in protection from solar and cosmic radiations and elimination of their negative effects for a long time. 
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1. How long does EGP stay active? 
Following more than seven years of careful observation, it has been found that the components of the original EGP formula ensured effective ions redistribution within that entire period. During this period, more than 700 volunteers have been tested for the presence of electromagnetic radiation, and in each case a negative result (no electromagnetic radiation stress) was obtained. 
This observation allows us to conclude that EGP will remain effective up to 9 years. We will continue with our observations, but information obtained from the ancient manuscripts and theoretical expectations allow us to anticipate even longer period of protection offered by EGP. 
2. How is it possible that the ingredients of EGP stay and act in the body for several years without elimination? 
Everybody knows that certain types of elements and chemical substances, such as mercury and environmental toxins, etc., can stay in the human body for a lifetime without getting eliminated. The crystal structures of the gemstones that compose original EGP formula enable them to stay in the human body for several years without elimination. However, unlike the negative effects of toxins, these ingredients give the positive effect to the human systems and organs. 
3. Are there any negative side effects? 
EGP original formula includes natural gemstones and vegetable ingredients in very proprietary proportion only. No harmful side effects were found. 
4. If I have been exposed to radiation or other electromagnetic stresses before taking EGP, can EGP eliminate all their negative effects? 
Yes, because EGP has been formulated to neutralize the broad range of negative effects caused by radiation, geopathic, electromagnetic, and X-rays stresses, it effectively eliminates the negative effects of all these types of stress and protects from them for a long time. 
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